5 Best WordPress Plugins 2021

Best wordpress plugins 2021

best wordpress plugin 2021

WordPress is one of the fastest-growing CMS platforms in the world, with nearly half a billion websites running on WordPress Stack around the world. Build in PHP core WordPress framework have been really solid over the years with more updates and optimization coming up.

With the introduction of more features or modules into the stack, WordPress experienced a lot of issues, mainly performance and security issues. If you are a user who is planning to build your website or already running your website on WordPress you must have come across one of the main issues regarding page load, image optimization and website rendering issues. You can fix these issues by installing plugins and running the issues, but an outdated or buggy plugin could make your website vulnerable to more security issues.

I have been working with WordPress websites for nearly a decade now. I am currently running multiple WordPress websites without any issues. With that experience in hand, I shall show you the plugins which you can install to make your WordPress website run faster and rank better on search engines.


elementor wordpress

Elementor is one of the best website builders you can choose over all the options out there. It comes with all the basic tools and layout which will help you build your pages quickly and more efficiently. With Elementor, you can integrate Starters Template to get more templates which will give you a kick start for the design and layout of your website.

Elementor comes with a lot of support plugins to make your life easier in building websites. 


best wordpress plugin 2021

We upload graphics and images into our website for a better impression, but what we miss is that if images and graphic illustrations uploaded by you are not optimized, the page will load slowly when it loads these illustraions, which will hurt your Search Rankings. Imagify solves that issue. Install and start uploading your images and it automatically optimizes your images.

You can do a lot with the Starter version free of cost. Imagify will automatically optimize an image when you upload it, all you need to setup the sizes on the Imagify settings.


best wordpress plugin 2021

Cloudflare is one of the best CDN in the world. For users who do not know what a CDN is whenever you use a JScript or CSS library on your website, the information needs to be pulled from the libraries most of the time. CDN helps in reducing that time, which reduces the page latency, lesser the latency, faster the page loads up.

Cloudflare does come up with a lot of other features on their FREE dashboard, which will purge your cache, monitor and block attacks to your website. Recently Cloudflare and WordPress released a new addon only for WordPress Websites which are known as APO, When you sign up and go to the Cloudflare dashboard, Navigate to Speed module and you will see APO, However APO comes with a charge of $5 per month. If your website needs that edge performance.

I have been using Cloudflare for more than 3 years, have not faced any issues once you have setup your domain and website properly.

Rank Math SEO

best wordpress plugin 2021

Once you are done building your website and the necessary pages you need an SEO monitoring and optimization tool. Rank Math SEO gives the best output for that. yes, they have come up with their Pro plans, and if you choose to get more information you can opt for the Pro version.

If you are new to SEO, setting your pages, and want to know how to index your page on Google, Read this Guide: Index your Website on Google by RankMath

best plugins for wordpress 2021

You need to keep an eye on your website performance and analytics and conversions. There are multiple ways to do that, You could connect your domain to Google Analytics, Ads, Search Console & Tags Manager and check all those in a periodical manner. If you want everything in one dashboard. Install Sitekit by Google and you are good to go.

These are the main plugins that I use on almost all of my WordPress websites, which help me build better websites and rank better on search engines. I hope this list helps you build a better website.

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