Best CEO of the Year 2022

Edbrig CEO wins the Best CEO of the Year 2022 title

ceo of the year 2022 Abijith Chenthamarakshan

On 19 May 2022, APAC Insider Magazine named Edbrig’s Abijith Chenthamarakshan the winner of the CEO of The Year Award for the year 2022. The award asserts that a key to achieving business success is strong leadership. In an increasingly competitive economy, a CEO who can lead and support the team to grow is essential.

“It has been a delight to helm this year’s CEO of the Year program. I offer my heartfelt congratulations and hope you all have a wonderful rest of 2022 ahead,” says Gabrielle Ellis, an Award coordinator at Al Global Media APAC Insider company.

Abijith Chenthamarakshan, the 28-year-old founder and CEO of the branding agency Edbrig managed to drive his business towards great success in Miami & Delhi, and is now working on expanding into new markets. “Smile at the rejection, embrace the acceptance” he likes to tell his team to create an environment of resilience and hard work, and expresses his pride and thanks to his team for this achievement.

Abijith Chenthamarakshan CEO at Edbrig

“I thank all the people who have worked for Edbrig. I am here because of you. And this goes for you. Cheers!” says Abi, the Head of CEO in Edbrig at APAC Insider Magazine.

Edbrig started the journey in 2018 as a branding agency from Miami with the goal of understanding and fulfilling the branding needs of specifically small-, and medium-sized businesses. To grow a brand and increase revenue successfully. The team at Edbrig uses is unique ability to mix creativity with research and data analytics and helps bridge the gap between their clients and their target audience.

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