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Our Beginning

Edbrig began its journey as a boutique branding agency on 29th Nov 2018, in Miami, and has now matured into a full-service branding agency. The conceptual idea for Edbrig began when Mr. Abijith Chenthamarakshan, who has extensively worked for many start-ups and IT companies, felt the need for a new branding agency that caters to start-ups and growing businesses that want to capture a bigger market share.

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Why we stand out

We have a unique ability to mix creativity, with brand evaluation, market research, and data analytics which in turn helps to bridge the gap between our clients and their target audience. Since 2018 we have been helping startups, small and medium-sized businesses around the world by positioning the brand in front of their target audience and increase their market share.

Our Aim

Our aim is to understand and fulfill our client’s branding needs. We help elevating their brand to capture a bigger market share and become formidable in their industry. We believe in the power of connection and help brands connect emotionally with their audience. We ultimately want to help grow your brand and increase your revenue.

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What we stand for

  • We help to bridge the gap between our clients and their audiences.
  • Highest Quality in the work we put out.
  • Boldness in our approach towards work.
  • Mutually respectful growth along with our clients.
  • We want to partner with clients that are tenacious and have great potential and credibility.

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