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Edbrig a branding agency build from a single room to a full fledged branding agency. All started with the desperation to offer the offer the best quality branding services to brands. Edbrig founder Abijith Chenthamarakshan, found himself encountering startups that are failing with a single reason of no proper branding strategy and weak  marketing strategies. He started Edbrig with the single goal of offering quality branding and advertising services acting as a bridge between the brand and their customers. Edbrig was born in November 2018.

Since 2018 we have been helping influencers, startups, small businesses around the world, in positioning their brand more powerful in the targeted market.


We offer excellent service by becoming a companion to the brand itself. We clear the clutter, not a middle man or agent but a friendly extension for you.

EDBRIG acts as a catalyst in creating a brand out of a company, Bridge the Gap.

Happy Clients

Sean Evans

Founder My Wine Society

Working with Edbrig was super easy, During the brainstorming session I figured out lot of things which i missed on my brand. Very professional and super easy to work with.


I loved working with you guys made my design look amazing and I couldn't be happier. You guys made it easy to talk to you very friendly

Peyton Loveridge

CEO Pey's Tires

Abhijeet Bhandari

CEO Yatri Products

We did not expect our brand to look out this way, Thank you very much. Love your work.

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